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Domestic Installation With Cube Cameras.

After reading the article about cube cameras use statistics, I was thinking in use one of those for myself. I live in an aparment and I want to see: two entrances, two rooms and the living room. My router is a Tp-link WDR3600.

I have 3 options for recording:

- local storage

- NAS, a usb hardrive attached to the router

- VMS in the office

Because of the lack of network cables and the aesthetic i was thinking in this kind of cameras.

Which features do you think I should look for? For sure:

  • SD Slot
  • Wifi
  • Poe
  • PIR
  • Direct storage (to a NAS)


  • Duplex Audio
  • White Light
  • IR



As mentioned in the referenced thread, the DS-2CD2432F-I(W) match the feature list. I have 3 of those in my own appartment and I'm happy with how they perform, there have not been any stability issues.

There is a minor inconvenience with them though, if you just want to put one of them on a book shelf, such that they stand straight up, the included stand/fixture doesn't allow the camera to be tilted down, it's just a 90 degree angle, no less. So they work best beind fixed to the wall, then you can tilt them as you want. (The stands I got with the cameras look more flimsy than those in the above link.)

I have them connected over WIFI to a VMS along with several other cameras (at most 6 at the same time). I did have problems with the router (a DLink) though at some point, as it simply couldn't handle that many video streams over WIFI, after switching to an ASUS RT-AC66U, it hasn't been any problems with the WIFI network. (There are around 10 other WIFI networks visible in the building running on 2.4Ghz and one or two on the 5GHz.)