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Dome Camera And Restaurant Lighting


I have been looking at a new Axis 33 range interior dome camera, recorded footage, as part of an overall inspection of the CCTV system in a restaurant. The contractor has installed it facing a hanging pendant light a few feet away. In low light and with the ceiling light switched on, the scene looking down and beyond the light at the dining tables is too dark to be of any use. Is the camera iris automatically closing in reaction to the ceiling light, thus rendering the images behind too dark to be useful? Or is it reacting to the light in some other way?


Hi Bryan,

I attempted to recreate a scene similar to the one you have mentioned in your discussion, and I found a few key points:

- Do not use BLC or WDR. It's a low light issue and trying to compensate using BLC or WDR makes the background harder to "see", which is the original problem.
- Keep auto iris on, or use the highest (F1.2 or whatever it is) setting. Even though the lighting is intense, you only worsen your overall image by lowering the iris.
- IR cut filter off, or use monochrome. The contrast is much easier on the eyes, and colors looked washed out in my scenario.
For example, take a look at the 2 images below. One is in color, and the other in monochrome. You can more easily see the seimens star on the cabinet in the back with monochrome or b/w enabled as opposed to color.
Monochrome / B&W
Bryan, if you can supply us with more information on the camera, or a screenshot of the camera's image (with permission, of course), we can better emulate your scene.