Does Your Business Have A Land-Line?

Or do you do everything thru Cell or Skype/Internet?

Does that work ok for small businesses?

Our office has POTS with a voip pbx system and we provide cell phones to technicians. For us it works fine.

Thanks. Does the phone switch connect to the Internet or to telco?

both however we only have it to POTS... you can check it out at

How many lines do you bring in?

Would it be cheaper to use an Internet provider?

Are you concerned about quality/reliability?

3 POTS lines... It has SIP compantibility but honestly we have never considered it due to not being able to have a local prefix on our main line... with the way we have it currently setup (POTS only) I have not issues with quality or reliability...

I am a one man operation and only use a cell phone. I haven't heard of a single complaint.

Can people get your number thru directory assistance?

yes 1 however had to increase bandwidth for faxing...that all I use it for