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Does The News Spider Perform Content Analytics?

Looking down the rather uninteresting article list of minutiae caught in the news spider's web today, one article clearly doesn't stand out from the rest: the one listed as "Tri-Ed Fluff Piece".

I only clicked on it because I was curious if that was the actual SSI title of article, in which case it might have been very interesting! It was actually listed as "How Distributors Help Security Dealers Delight Customers", but true to the Spider's prediction, it was three long pages of the most agonizing fluffery.

Looking at all the other news spider titles vs real titles, I didn't see any other mismatches, And clearly the spider is autonomous, as evidenced by the right-to-the-point article named "Place An Order" by Avigilon.

So did the spider pickup on a hidden tag/page on SSI's website, perhaps? Or does the spider do some buzzword bingo analysis of content, or was it just a rare IPVM editorial warning?

In any event, for any who have not used the Spider, I wholeheartedly recommend you try it!

Lol, no, the editorializing is me. If something is really egregious / wrongly titled by the source, I'll rename it.

Also, fun to note, SSI was the mag that naively started the Anixter Sells Direct debacle.

Yes, check the spider. Also, for those of you who are not already, get custom news alerts from the spider.

Speaking of egregiousness, the news spider also offered up this fluff and buff Car Wash 'case study'. Is it my imagination or didn't Axis used to be better than this?

Problem: Criminals not deterred by low resolution analog cameras and obviously crappy, unsearchable DVR.

Existing analog cameras used for security were too limited in playback capability, video quality and remote access to properly prevent vandalism and theft. Woodley needed a security solution that offered easily searchable, higher resolution images from which culprits could be quickly identified.

Solution: Replace disrespected analog cameras with Axis HD IP cameras and Milestone.

Result: Crime looks for a new business to prey on, preferably one with analog cameras.

Since implementing the Axis network cameras, vandalism and attempted theft decreased by 80 percent

You know, because when the criminals saw those high-res cameras they knew the party was over... If this reduction in theft really happened because of the upgrade to IP HD cameras, then the most likely explanation would be that the problem was employee theft, by those who knew the old system sucked...

Money quote straight from the mouth of the gas station owner

Network cameras just make so much sense in the car wash business. And the quality of the Axis cameras gives me peace of mind.

I bet Axis was thrilled to hear him say that!