Does Hikvision SVC Really Work?

SVC, Scalable Video Codec, is claimed to be implemented by Hikvision on their popular Smart IPC series. I see the setting in the user manual as well.

But I have not heard any mention of it here.

Anyone have any experience with it?

We're checking with Hikvision.

However, from their description in that press release:

"This smart feature decreases storage data fps, so as time passes, storage space is saved for newer data." (emphasis added)

It appears that this only supports 'scalability' for frame rate, not resolution. We ran across this a while back with Vivotek, who also claimed SVC, but then it was determined that it was only temporal, not spatial. The spatial or resolution scalability is the one more highly valued, since it could eliminate the need for multistreaming.

Maybe things have changed now (that announcement was from 2013) but, if it has, Hikvision has done quite a good job of keeping it minimally publicized.

Good catch on the frame rate, that's a likely explanation. It doesn't show on their spec sheet. And there are no parameters..

In the manual it's unclear if the 'frames extracted' are resolution reduced or not

Scalable Video Coding is an extension of the H.264/AVC standard. Select OFF / ON to disable / enable the SVC function. Select Auto, and the device will automatically extract frames from the original video when the network bandwidth is insufficient.

So Hik has an SVC solution AND H.264+?

I think the SVC being provided is stock from the SoC suppliers they use. I am not sure how much of it is a spec thing (hey lets list SVC) or if some people are using it in production.

Dahua has SVC as well, probably of the frame rate reduction variety.

Not True SVC.