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Does An Encoder And Decoder Need To Be From The Same Manufacturer?

I am planning to take CCTV feeds from an existing VMS system and decode them using the the same manufacturer decoders and transmit to a different VMS software system using different manufacturer encoders? Will this be an issue with interoperability?

Here cameras are shared by two different clients. No requriement for PTZ sharing. Any advice please

In theory this should work fine, as long as the decoders work with whatever stream format the cameras are using.

In reality, I would test this with one sample unit before just ordering a bunch of equipment and running into the job.

We have used different encoders before and had no problems as the VMS supported both different encoders .

Different cameras , Manufactureers same per line , different per camera .

We have even used others products co mingled on Baluns , they worked fine for the most part , analog cameras .

as long as they are not proprietary to the software, you should not have a problem .

if I understand correctly, you want to decode and then re-encode the video using different set of encoders. If this is the case, there shouldn't be an issue to do that, but I would consider the video quality as it will be degraded as you decode and re-encode the video, you might see some artifacts or black margins in the image - please provide more information

Dear undisclosed manufacturer,

Yes, I am planning to use different brand encoder and decoders to stream the video. I set the resolutions to 4 CIF @ 30 IPS @ H.264 compression. We have existing analogue cameras on site. I am trying to stream the video and encode it and decode it on a local monitor using VGA. Any thoughts please. My only concern is interoperability with two different brands.

thank you.