Does Anyone Still Come Across Time-Lapse Vcrs?

I saw this article about Japan producing its last VCR's this month and it made me wonder if any time-lapse VCRs have not been replaced with DVR's by now?

I've heard rumors/stories even recently that VCRs are still in use in Vegas casinos, but no one that can ever provide proof.

When was the last time you came across a still-operating VCR in security?

15+ years ago. Even then I thought they were obsolete, though I wish I had kept one, so I could post it now...

I installed time lapse VCRs for my first couple of years in this industry. I couldn't understand why anyone would every want a DVR, until I realized how much customers loved the offsite viewing feature.

Saw one about 2-3 years ago in a bank.

I took out an old time lapse DVR last winter,the surveillance system had been offline for quite a while, and was a easy remodel with hdtvi cameras. I do not miss time lapse~~

as good of a question is , when is that last time you installed a mux

Removed one about 4 years ago and replaced with an IP system. Everything still worked but the maintenance guy had pulled out the tapes because he wasn't being paid to maintain the system. Dumpstered it but probably should have kept it as a show piece.

I heard a story not long ago from someone who has been in the casino industry in Mississippi for a long time...

Apparently there are two primary casino 'regions' in the state - The gulf coast; Biloxi and surrounding area... and the Tunica region - which is located in the northern part of the state, just south of the Memphis, TN metro area. Tunica bills itself as America's 3rd largest gambling destination (behind Vegas and Atlantic City, NJ).

Since Katrina hit the gulf region back in 2005, all of the casinos that were rebuilt there are IP systems. However, the Tunica region was spared the brunt of the storm so nothing had to be rebuilt here.

I also hear that Mississippi is one of the last states (I don't know of any others) to mandate digital recording by the State Gaming Commission. i.e. VCR-based systems that were installed in the Tunica region of Mississippi back in the early to mid 90's supposedly are still running VCRs to record their casino cameras.

Send Derek down on a fact-finding mission and have him stream his adventure via Periscope...

VHS tapes are finishing production this month, which outlived beta max by only a few months...