Does Anyone Know Who They Are Trying To Specify?

We got bid Spec with this attached - the "consultant" is of not much help. I was wondering if any of the smart people here may know what "brand" they may be trying to get to without saying so?

Integrated camera positioning 1080p30, H.264 IP output, 1080p High Definition Video @ 30FPS over IP (H.264), Integrated Motorized minimum 18x Optical Zoom, Day/Night Operation with low light sensitivity, Dual H.264 and MJPEG compression Codecs, IP66/IP67 and NEMA TS2 Rated for Harsh Environments, Simultaneous Analog & IP video output, Integrated Web Browser, Close Adherence to HDTV and H.264 standards, ONVIF Compliant, Variable hi-speed pan and tilt drive, Side-mounted lens configuration for full 360 degree continuous pan and + or – 90 degree tilt movements, Adjustable manual control speeds from 0.1 to 80 degrees per second, 180 degree preset movements in under 2 seconds. Shall be compatible with ONSSI Ocularis

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Mark

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