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Who Sells Access Controlled Lock Boxes?

We have a customer who is looking for a access controlled Lockbox to hold a key. It has to be outdoor rated. Does this even exist?

Are you looking to store one key, or several rings? How many keys?

I looked at Morse Watchman, but offerings are limited to indoor units.

Do you have the installation resources available to 'build your own'?

It would be fairly straightforward to mount a steel NEMA box with a Cabinet Lock and an outdoor reader to create your own key storage vault.

It would be a single key. Out in a very cold location. We have the ability to build one but the cost would lose the customers intrest. Was hoping someone stumbled apon a solution that we have missed.

The Cabinet lock you linked, looks like it might be able to do it. Depending on how much it can handle the weather. I will check that out.

This may not be a good option, but it's worth bringing up:

Can you use a realtor-style (non electronic) lockbox?

Mechanical combo locks don't have audit trail or central management (and combos can be shared), but they also start at <$50.

An integrator on one of my projects created an outdoor keybox using a 12" x 12" NEMA 4X enclosure, two mag locks, a magnetic contact switch and a proximity card reader. Inside the box are a series of hooks used to hold keys to the company trucks parked in the parking lot. Probably cost the client about $3000 when all was said and done.

This seems to work well, but might be a bit of an overkill for your application. How about just a simple outdoor rated keybox like the one below?:

We also went that route and they wanted it 'simple' haha

They want to know who opens it with what card. That is the main point they want.

There is also the Supra series of keyboxes, which are widely used in the real estate industry and do provide an audit trail and other advanced features. Not sure if these systems are available for purchase by individual users or not.

How about Supra Keyboxes?

Dammit, Silva beat me by a minute, while I was looking for a good video to embed :(

Great minds think alike :).

I did an assessment project for a multiple listings association a few years back and had to get up to speed on on the Supra product line. It's actually a pretty impressive system. It's also used to enforce prompt payment of the real estate agent's monthly dues to the association - if he or she doesn't pay up, they lose their access privileges to the lock boxes.

this needs to be controlled off site by their main office. They use Keyscan right now.