Does Anyone Know Who Manufactures Cameras For Verint As Well As Speco?

We've installed a significant number of Verint IP cameras as well as Speco analog cameras in retail branch locations.  With the recent vulnerability news about Dahua, Hikvision, Sony, Axis, etc. I would like to make sure we are doing right by our customers if they are affected.  Thanks in advance!

See: Struggling Speco OEMs Dahua for at least a partial account of Speco's offerings.

To clarify on Speco, to the best of our knowledge, Speco just started to OEM Dahua recently so unless you have new ones, its little not impacted.

Verint used to manufacture their own I believe.  However, as their market share shrank I cannot say for certain what they're still producing, if anything.  Their product is pretty long in the tooth at this point in time.

If anyone can identify the manufacturer by model here is the link.

Speco analog would not be a concern. The recorder you connect them to would be the concern.