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Does Anyone Know What Kind Of Controller This Is?

Are you able to see the MAC address of the daughter board?

No, I couldn’t find a mac or make and model on the panel. I ran the S/N through Google and came up with nothing. The previous tenant installed this so they weren’t able to help me either.

It's some sort of generic OEM. It's selling on Alibaba and Amazon and other online stores for cheap.

Possibly this? Different number of LEDs, but same make? Edit: That link was for a 2-door controller; yours looks like a 4-door controller.

Do you know the ip address of the panel? if so, ping the ip address and open another command prompt and do an ARP -a and it will give you the MAC address for that ip.

The MAC address may only get you the manufacturer of the NIC itself, not the manufacturer of the finished product.

This is true, but checking the OUI is frequently a good and cheap method of discovering who manufactured the device. It's not something to disregard simply because it may not always be helpful.

If there's an FCC ID number on any of the boards, or on a sticker on the device, you can look up the manufacturer (at least of that board) at

Example: found this photo in a Google search:

Plugging that ID into the search engine at FCC OET Authorization Search we find out it's made by Ranger Communications in Malaysia. Might not have been the best example as there's little other detail provided other than the company address, application approval date, and upper and lower frequencies used, but you get the idea.

Ethan's got the right answer, thanks for helping me. I was mostly currious, we are taking it out and putting something else in. They said it was really unreliable.

Keri NXT4?

Hong Sheng Yuan 4 door controller

The link is aliexpress, but I see those things all over eBay. I've got to admit I'm curious as to how those things work in actual field conditions. What was the complaint about the old one? The programming or the reliability?