Does Anyone Know Of A Tablet That Can Be Used As An In Wall Camera Display And Can Be On 24/7?

I have a customer that we are upgrading his old analog cameras to HD-TVI ones. The issue is with the screen. His current in wall screen is junk. So I was thinking about going with a tablet. Does anyone know of a tablet that can be used as an in wall camera display and can be on 24/7?

Thank uou

You could probably use pretty much any tablet with a client app for the DVR - just turn off the power saving functions and plug it in. Don't even need things like bluetooth, GPS, etc - WiFi should be all the connectivity needed, which should be just about any $99-and-up Android tablet out there. Trickiest part will be finding a way to mount it to the wall, but there are plenty of car mounts out there that could probably be adapted.

Take a look at our Awareness Monitor, 10.4" and 15". Built for mobile applications, people are using in a variety of ways, VGA, HDMI, or two BNC inputs. If you can get DC voltage to power it...we may have exactly what you need. Has metal chassis, vandelproof screen protection: see red SPECIFICATION SHEET far right side of webpage, or email

I'd be leery of putting a lithium battery in a wall, charging 24/7.

So, get a tablet that will run without the battery, and pull the thing out.

"designed for commercial use where running 24/7 is crucial"

Lenovo tablet that uses micro USB to charge will turn off charging once the battery is 100% and temp goes up... it will turn off charging drain completely and wait till USB is unplugged and replugged. Fyi.. Went through 3 different models as touch screen controls for CompleteControl.

I just finished a two week test of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 running Hikvision iVMS-4500. Never crashed or hung up the whole time. I can not say how it will last plugged in for extended times. It was however sitting on a charging cradle for the whole 2 weeks. For ~$130 I was quite impressed at how well it operated with 15 channels on almost the whole time.

If this one isn't too big, it may work: