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Does Anyone Know How To Embed Hikvsion Video Into An HTML Page Using Their Activex?

Does anyone know how to embed a stream to a hikvision video using their ActiveX? I know it can be done use RTSP and VLC, but VLC is too heavy for my needs.


Windows Embed ActiveX control in HTML (HTMLEmbedActiveX) sample in C#, C++ for Visual Studio 2008 but it is probably pretty heavy.

There is a good, simple Youtube that shows a very simple method. Adjust your file names accordingly.

Unfortunatly the instructions in the youtube video didnt work. And the activex one is heavy.

It would be great if there was a way to embed the player that hikvision uses when you browse to the camera

what software are you using to develop your website? There are a lot of plugins and extra tools out there that can do this for you, at a cost of course, and it would not take you long to learn it. You sound bright enough to give it a go.

Regular HTML. I am trying to make a simple single webpage that would play the video stream.

I am able to do it with VLC and an RTSP stream but in internet explorer (which I am stuck using here) the resource useage skyrocket.

I don't know your application or what it is worth in time, but give this website (Angelcam) a look. You might like it.

I've asked Hikvision to provide feedback and am waiting their reply.

Thank you. I know acti has it that you can using html embed a link to their plugin so you can stream video easily. I am able to do it with VLC and an RTSP stream but in internet explorer (which I am stuck using here) the resource useage skyrocket.

Did they ever get back to you?


They said they were looking for an answer. I sent them a follow up yesterday.

David- Hikvision has a Web SDK. I suggest you contact your local Hikvision Sales Reprentatitive. They can provide the manual. If you feel you want the Web SDK, they can make it available to you. Please note we will support integrators who purchase thru our authorized sales channels but we cannot support end users on the Web SDK.

Thank you. I just found the SDK on the found the SDK on the hikvision website. The demo html file is to connect to a dvr. I just need it to stream a single camera. Do you know if there is a sample html file of just doing that?

Thank you

David- please contact you local support office.

I had sent them an email when I first started working on this project, and I still havent heard back regarding this.

David- what is your region and who did you contact? Are you an integartor or end user?

I am an integrator. I am in the north east US. I emailed Scott as well as techsupport@

Depending on camera model and firmware version, you can give this a shot. I don't have access to a Hikvision camera to try it out, but I found this from some searches...

You have to make the second camera stream to MJPG
jpg stream : http://IP/Streaming/channels/1/picture
mjpg : http://IP/Streaming/channels/2 or http://IP/Streaming/channels/2/preview
Be sure to put substream on lower resolution and frame rate

If you use the jpg, you can use a HTML refresh to update the image...

Try it in IE & Firefox.