Does Anyone Know A Source For Best Practices Information On Reducing Pole Mounted Camera Vibrations?

I'm working with a consultant who is asking for best practices information on dealing with camera vibration - both advice on pole types and ideas on electronics to reduce camera vibration. His specific interest is for a fixed camera mounted at about 20 feet high viewing a wide FOV 30 meters away. Any good sources that I can pass on would be greatly appreciated.

We have a post that may help: Camera Vibration / Stabilizer Solutions

I live in a very windy and seismically active part of the world, and in many situations the best path is oversizing the pole and using rigid pole profiles like a hex or box.

Unfortunately, rigidity runs counter to general design principles allowing poles to sway a bit to diffuse the vibrations. Also there is only so much the pole can do to remain rigid. Guy wires help tremendously, but they are typically a no-go for many reasons, ranging from appearance to maintenance to increased offset footprint.

EIS, or electronic image stabilization, may help, but any high-frequency, high intensity, and dynamic vibration is probably going to be too much for EIS alone.

I am also looking for info on that, did you get some best practice tips? I heard there was a wind speed/degree of camera movement measure that is conventionally used, any thoughts on that?

Axis Q-series. Nothing else I would even consider, and have used them extensively with great success. Their EIS is the best I've found. There may be better out there, but I haven't seen it if there is.