Does Anyone Here Use The 101-KDE Delayed Egress? SDC Really Screwed It Up.

This thing used to have an aluminum housing to mount the key cylinder in, but they changed it to plastic. Normally that would not be so bad, but they also decided it would be a good idea to move the set screws from the side (where they sit in the grooves/ slots on the cylinder) to the bottom (where they dig into the threads).

Has anyone else here run into this? I would love to swap to a different unit, but we have a few hundred of these things in our facilities so I would like to see SDC admit this was a stupid idea and move the set screws back to the proper position.


Can you rotate the lock cylinder 90 degrees and use a different tailpiece on the lock to make it better?

I thought about that, but I do not think it would work. I am not sure there is tail that could hit the switches on both sides because the travel distances would be very different.