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Does Anyone Have Real Experience With Aimetis?

They are proposed for a college I am working with - the product seems to be advanced - I wonder if its capabilities make it hard to use?

Any insights would be helpful!


My name is Justin Schorn, Vice President of Product Management at Aimetis. Thank you for your post and interest.

I would be happy to introduce you to Aimetis customers and SIs in the U.S. who use our product as well as handle any direct questions you may have about our software (my contact details are below). You can also access a list of close to 1000 customer references on our web site.



T: +1 519-746-8888 x230


Have been using Aimetis for the past 2 years as an SI. The pricing is straight forward, camera integration is not ridiculously long and no complains so far. Software is stable too.

Thank you, Omar!

Hello Ron,

I have a good experience with Aimetis. One of the key point of the system is the easy graphic interface and it does not require days of training. It is easy to work and great in terms of video analytics and management.