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Any Experience With Rvision Products?

At the recommendation of a partner, we are looking at proposing RVision C16 for an airport application. Their products seem high quality, but their website is dated.

Hello, I have used their stuff several times over hte years. The C16 carbine is good stuff. The See is also a good small unit. Good build quality, nice cables, it has always worked for me. Dermott is technically very sharp and Brian is former owner, sharp guy. I would recommend them.

Thank you! I haven't seen much mention of them on IPVM. Unless you are named AXIS, Bosch or Dropcam, you don't see a lot of specialty manufacturers.... :)

Hi Brice,

I have also used RVision products for the past 10 years. We have installed 100s of their PT units in harsh environments around the globe. I agree with Allen, the products are solid and definitely fit the specialty niche. Reach out to Dermott McCarthy he can answer any questions you might have about the C16.

Thank you,

Knight Hamalian