Does Anyone Have Experience With Eye Trax? What Resolution Is The Remote Viewing?

Does anyone have experience with eye trax? The image quality doesnt look that great, and I am trying to figure out what the resolution it send the video at. Image resoluion is listed as 1280 x 1024 dpi , however I dont know if that is what it send it at for remote viewing. Maybe that is the quality that it stores it at.


I have not used it but looking at their demos and gallery, it looks roughly 1.3MP to me. It's weak in low light but that's typical.

If it looks not that great, could be because they are all covering fairly wide outdoor areas and/or because they have jacked up the compression level to transmit over cellular (speculating, do not know).

Or David, you could just be so used to 3MP and up, you see 1.3MP as not that great :)

I think I remember seeing someone else on the forum who was offering a all-in-one construction zone camera that was better quality. Do you remember what it was?

There's Reconyx though I do not know if it is better or worse.

Reconyx is primarily a trail cam.

I am getting this 1280x1024 picture from their demo site remotely,(ios). do you get the same one?

open this picture in a new tab for full resolution.

For general area it doesnt look that bad, I guess the problems are when trying to identify more details

"I guess the problems are when trying to identify more details"

That feels like an inherent pixel math issue. 40 foot field of view, 1.3MP = 25ppf which means poor details.

40 foot field of view, 1.3MP = 25ppf

32ppf, no?

Yes, miscalculated. General point is wide field of views and 1.3MP are still not a good combination. 32ppf is not going to get much details either.

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From what I remember, I'm pretty sure Eye Trax doesn't record video - it takes pictures. The only video you can create is using a series of these pictures to create a time lapse video.

If you need a Construction Cam have you looked into Mobotix?

[Note: poster is from Sensera]

Sensera Systems offers site cameras that do video streaming, recording, and have resolutions to 8MP all solar powered and at about half the cost of some mentioned.

I often compete with and lose deals to Eyetrax due to price. Our solution is usually a solar powered ptp wireless or 4G/LTE Mobotix 6mp camera system that costs 2-4 times as much, primarily because our camera and wireless/4G/LTE is powered 24/7, delivers REAL TIME LIVE video, and we use top of the line components with maximum reliability & functionality.

The Eyetrax system is not on 24/7, it takes snapshots at timed intervals, sends the snapshots to their servers. Since it's not powered up 24/7, it DOES NOT offer real time live viewing, and allows for a very small solar electric plant, and minimal 3G/4G comm use. They have a "Live image request" feature which allows the user to request an image, which is then processed and made available for viewing (I don't know how long this takes).

Feedback that I've received from Eyetrax customers has been spotty. Some like them just fine, others have had lots of issues/problems.

I'd like to see IPVM review Eyetrax and similar system types.