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Does Anyone Have Experience Running A VMS On Cisco Isrs?

A prospect has VSOM running on it's Cisco ISR platform on a VM. I don't have all the technical details of the environment. They are not happy with VSOM from a usability standpoint and some performance issues. They've loaded Exacq on a VM and it appears to run fine but only tested with 1 camera attached. VSOM performance issues were with 8-10 cams attached. We have more investigation to do here but I'm interested in video performance in a VM environment in general and Cisco ISR in particular.

I've run Exacq in a VM before with no issues (Citrix Xen Server), but not on an ISR. I've used ISRs in the past, though, and honestly there's nothing terribly special about them other than having very limited internal storage options.

It's really going to come down to the specs of the server. Do you know what they have in it?

I dont know what isr means but I am dealing with three hospitals that had the cisco vsom installed and a hundred or so cisco cameras plus many emcoders added. The susyems seems to run ok, but one site lost their dbase and had to locate and re label all 150 cameras. Support from Cisco and the Hospital corporation hass been the biggest problem, with plant op and security directors waiting for months to get significant questions answered on how to operate, maintain, and back up the sysytems.

ISR is Integrated Services Router. We've seen some issues where camera feeds intermittently pixelize or lose frames. The ISR and virutal environment are supposed to support video cleanly. I just wanted to hear other experiences w/Cisco VSOM, so thanks for the feedback.