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Does Anyone Have Experience - Good Or Bad - With Xtralis?

I did some business with Xtralis last spring & having difficulty now getting responses for a credit issue. In fairness, their local sales guy has been responsive but he has no control so can only forward my messages & those don't get acted upon by higher ups. I was just curious if anyone else as had experience with them and how it went.

They are a pretty prominent UK company, specializing in outdoor detection. That's all I really now. My impression that they were weak / limited in the US.

Xtrallis is a Fire, life Safety provider, UK based co.

I am certified on their products, they sell mainly for fire systems early warning systems.

Air Sampling system's, Fire camera Video Early warning systems.

We work on, test their systems on At&t / Verizon sites

Great Support, Great Training, and very competent personnel.

No Problems with the company or process.

Thanks for the input, thats comforting. I did finally get a response from them last night on the credit issue & hopefully they'll be wiring me the funds today.

This is interesting, as I'm here in Sierra Leone, West Africa and they recommended the VLQ, which is a new product that turned out to be faulty and is being replaced (had to buy this one separately). My supplier is in South Africa, and you can imagine the time it will take to get from there to hear again, which is a good part of two weeks. But they said they will be refunding me for the faulty VLQ, which I should get an answer for next Monday...

Wasn't there another company attempting to bring the Heitel product to the US about 4-5 years ago. I about positive I helped setup the reciever in a central station.

"But they said they will be refunding me for the faulty VLQ, which I should get an answer for next Monday..."

Good luck with that. I was told I'd have a refund over a week ago and then again it was supposed to happen Wed of this week and I just got an email that it will be next "Monday at the earliest". Apparently there is only one person at the company who has the ability to make this happen and he/she is out of the office ALOT. I'll let this forum know if I get the funds on Monday & Joe, good luck with your credit but prepare to wait for it. My issue has been going on since early April!

My overall opinion is that the pre-sales support was outstanding but the aftersale support from the administration end is sadly lacking. I never had the chance to try out the product itself or the technical support so I don't have an opinion on those areas.

Thata not very encouraging to hear that as it is a recall of nine other units from SA.

Wanted to let everyone know that Xtralis came through with the money tranfer, funds hit my bank on Weds. Interesting note: the original refund was going to be about $900.00 less than they actually refunded based on a Verizon contract attached to our original deal. I was okay with that albeit not thrilled. However - in the end, Xtralis refunded the entire amount including the $900.00. No explanation as to why but I'd like to believe they did it as a good customer service move to thank me for my patience and apologize for thier delay. I wish more vendors would step up & acknowledge when they've tripped up in customer service and take steps like this to try to make it right in the end. Xtralis did step up and they've redeemed themselves in my mind by making it right. Its also noteworthy that the Regional Sales Manager for my area stayed in the loop every step of the way and did everything in his power to push for this resolution so for sure the sales support is outstanding at least in the Southwest US!

Joe, I have more hope for you now :)