Jemez Technology? Any Experience Or Recommendations?

Their website has very limited details about Jemez Technology.

I tried to call the phone number but it goes to a personal mobile voicemail.

Does anyone have any experience with this technology?

I know they are a Microsoft GSOC partner and I have heard about them through their connections to that, but that's it.

Considering their products page has not been updated since 8/12/2010 I am guessing they are not too active anymore. Partner’s page is the only thing that has been updated since 2011 on their site.

I got to be hands-on with this technology in 2010 in a demo suite at the annual ASIS conference. The Jemez Technology folks had a partnership with a VMS manufacturer (not a mainstream company) and Verizon, and so we got to use the VMS company's field demo cameras live with the Jemez analytics and it worked very well (i.e. what we expected to see is what happened).

The surprising element to me was that the analytics worked at 320x240 resolution, which is something that has been commented on elsewhere on IPVM—the fact that most analytics work with low resolution images, not megapixel images. The assertion was that you could feasibily do analytics in the cloud—because low resolution/low frame rate video worked well. After all, that is the video on which most of the analytic algorithms were developed, before the advent of megapixel cameras.

I spent about 2 hours altogether with a technology briefing, discussions, and about 20 minutes hands on playing with the cameras an analytics, and checking out the VMS.

I did not have any further contact with them.

I hate to drag up the past but does any one active on IPVM have any information or working history with Jemez?  It is being proposed as a solution for one of our locations but I have never heard good or bad about them and the site here doesn't have much.

Reach out to Daniel Forrest at, I think he can help you out. 

We used them for a project about two years ago. A Jemez software module ran on Axis thermal cameras, and directed PTZs to the appropriate points to capture intruders. We got good support during setup and it worked very well. Unfortunately, the customer stopped using it and decided to manage their PTZs differently, so we didn't get to see it work long term.