Does Anyone Else Feel ISC West Occurs At The Worst Possible Time Each Year?

The construction industry schedule, freeing up of customer budgets at the start of the year, and the bid season for schools all seem to collude against attending ISC West. IMO, as the only real trade show of value to integrators this really seems like a poor time frame for a trade show. I know I am in a Northern climate and now that things are thawing out many of our "frozen" projects are now thawing as well. Every year there is a mad dash to get out there -- I have wrapped up a project, showered at the airport, and hopped on a plane to ISC a couple times now and am likely to do the same again. Is this a singular complaint or has anyone else experiencing this?

Well, I'm not going this year because it's too close to Passover, and I'm always swamped with work the week before and the week after.

ISC East is always great, timing wise, and I rarely have problems getting there. If only it was more popular.

Couldnt agree more. Also, havent we all seen Vegas enough at this point? #PlayedOut

I like that East is smaller, at a better time, and you can actually spend some quality time with manufacturers and hear each other without having to yell over the crowd.