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Does Any One Have Experience With Intelli-Site PSIM?

Has any one implemented Intelli-Site PSIM?

Ventura, Is this from OSSI?

If so, I do not know much about them. They seem like a small company with almost the same name as OnSSI.

Yes, it is OSSI, I download their Reference Guide, and RTU´s, and you right they look must be a small company, but it looks like they been there for a while for all the third party integrations they have.

I also subscribe and download their demo software and have a lot more controller for third party equipment than the ones listed on their manuals page at least 80 communication controlers, including OnSSI, OPC, ModBus, SNMP, pelco, Nice, Milestone, Stentofon, Vicon, Contact ID, Senstar, Northern Computers, PCSC, from the manufactures I know, but I have not found project references.

I will give them a call tomorrow.

Thanks for replying.

I've never heard of anyone using them, but I have seen them with fairly large booths at trade shows. Seemingly someone uses them but that's the mess of the PSIM market - a few hundred customers each, etc.