Do You Want To Work At A PSIM Company?

Just like they overpromised, PSIM companies have failed to take the world by storm.


They still exist and one of them, CNL, needs help.

Is PSIM plug n play? Simple to setup? Probably not, as 3 job listings, show.

CNL is in need of 'Software Solution Engineers" to patch their PSIMs together on customer sites.

Do you dislike your friends and family? Do you want to be sent to strange places for months on end?

Then this job is for you and all it requires is "Ability to travel and work away from the office, sometimes up to 12 weeks at a time and 40% of time"

This is depressing. Is there no topic for us to feel proud and passionate about in this industry, or are we truly the Alcatraz of technology fields? Meaning, nobody finds a way to get out.

John, they need to advertise the job as an adventure. "Join CNL and see the world!". Just don't mention that your work hours are probably from 6 to 6 AM cause you can't disturb the existing operation.

I dare say it's not only in the security industry. It's pretty common in the IT industry. But of course if all you're infrastructure is all IP, then you're pretty much dealing with the IT headaches as well. And there's a lot of finger pointing in that industry.

You guys are too much!!!

Ed, yes, I agree this is common in IT. In my first job (network engineering), they wanted to send me to a Cleveland NOC for a 6 months stint :( I refused, but thankfully that feel through anyway.

I'll take the opposite side here. If you're young and unattached, this could be a great way to see parts of the world you'd not see otherwise.

At the conclusion of the job, you might just get hired by the customer too. This repeatedly happens in the US Dept of Defense... work as a subcontractor on some strange, but undoubtedly important system, then at the conclusion of the initial contract, the US DOD kicks your company to the curb, but makes you a new offer because you're the only person in the world who understands the system.

I'll split the difference.

If you are young and unattached, this can be a good career opportunity, as you described above. Even if the customer does not hire you, you now have a reference from one of the larger world systems, which builds credibility for future jobs.

However, I don't buy the 'see parts of the world you'd not see otherwise.' Chances are you get stuck at just a handful of locations because (1) PSIM projects are uncommon and (2) each project takes a lot of work (ergo the up to 12 weeks at a time).

Sure, you might get to go to some big city or exotic place but you could equally wind up in a terrible location or war zone for months. I've seen both sides. The later sucks...

An informative web site for reviewing how staff, both current and past, view their company is Glass Door. For this PSIM company the entries are quite alarming. No pun intended...

CNL are my initials so "Join CNL and see the world!" is quite apropos, although you might not agree with my perspective, LOL.