Do You Want To Lead Genetec Cloud Sales Effort?

Sales people regularly complain about the lack of good positions out there. A mature, stagnating market makes it hard to jump into the 'next big thing'.

Now, here's one publicly posted that might be worth considering. Genetec is looking for a Business Development Manager for Cloud Services.

On the downside, it's Stratocast, so it's a little bit Mission Impossible. You'll have to sell a product with minimal features and maximal pricing.

On the other hand, it's Genetec and the cloud is the 'future' so even if you fail here, you are setting up yourself for bigger opportunities in the future.

Also, this has far more potential than your Axis AVHS reseller as Genetec has a ton of technical features and integration with their Security Center / Omnicast platforms that a smart sales person could try to leverage.

What do you think?

I'd recommend this to a young person who wants a shot at trying to do something hard / trending.