Do You Want To Be The Next VP Of Marketing At Avigilon?

The last guy mysteriously 'resigned' 4 months ago and is still looking for work.

Now, you can be the next VP of Global Marketing at Avigilon. But do it right away as there are already 46 applicants and counting.

The most striking omission from the job description is no requirement to have any security industry experience (sorry IPVM readers...).

However, the position is structured strongly in line with the sales organization. The person reports to the former VP of Sales and now new COO. Their number #1 listed responsibility is to "maximize long-term revenue and profit growth" and the marketing person is tasked to "collaborate with COO and Sr. VP of Global Sales" to develop marketing. Now, surprisingly, it reflects sales driving marketing.

If you apply, don't tell them you found it on IPVM, ok?

[UPDATE: After more than half a year with no marketing executive, Avigilon Gets A VP Of Marketing.... Finally]

I could be wrong, but the marketing spend at Avigilon seems to be well funded. They've placed ads in expensive mainstream publications this past year (Conde' Nast, etc)

If I'm a talented marketing person, the last place I want to end up is the physical security market. ...but at least with Avigilon there are avenues for advertising beyond handing out junk at tradeshows and placing art in trade mags mostly decorating waiting room lobbies.

There going to get their choice of a lot of top marketing people. The attraction has nothing to do about surveillance and everything to do about their growth rate and billion dollar plus stock price.

If you apply, don't tell them you found it on IPVM, ok?

Is this an IPVM intelligence test question? ;)

Sure the blind link is only to Avigilon's LinkedIn application, but why tell even them? I know they don't currently disclose, but are they actually prohibited in sharing refererID with the intended target?

Fess-up! you just want the headhunter fee... :0))

I'm confused. I thought Alain Bolduc already had the job......

He might have been auditioning! If so, kudos to him.

Marketing is considered by Business as a milti function department which would include

1. Advertising - Stretegic etc. Not just placing ads.

2. Advertising also will play a large part in the Mar/Com effect dueing Annual and Semi Annual Stockholders and Board of Directors meeting. Brading does not stop at the product level only. Think back to Steve Jobs.

3. Product deveopment is driven by marketing research into what the market want, what it needs and ROI of the Sales Process.

4. The Sales function is part of the Marketimg functionality.

Who ever gets it, if he is a truly accomplished manager and creative indivual will centainly impprove Aviligon's performance.

I my humble opinion.

I'm confused. I thought Alain Bolduc already had the job......

I'll admit I laughed when I read this one, but I'm not laughing anymore. Can it really be coincidence that Alain's last post came at the same moment as the job opening at Avigilon? As John points out above, Alain fully met Avigilon's security industry experience requirement if not almost exceeding it. No doubt his graduate degree in reiterative studies will shine brightly, as well as his now famous argument by insistence model which we can all proudly state we helped him hone.

Well if so, good luck to him!

I terminated Alain's account, that's why he no longer comments.

His unique combination of industry ignorance, absolute certainty and relentlessness was counterproductive both for discussions and for IPVM admin's time.

And (gulp), Cal too?

No, Cal is fine.

*I terminated Alain's account*

Do you have to do that alot, because of the suppliers spam? Do you get any warnings first?

No, not that often.

I gave Alain multiple warnings.

Also, he was not a supplier. He was an investor in Avigilon, which made it even more bizarre because he did not know the industry at all but he would just pump Avigilon continuously as if this was a stock message board.