Member Discussion

Do You Want To Be Featured In An IPVM Case Study?

How has IPVM helped you succeed?

We are looking to explain how IPVM helps surveillance professionals do their jobs better.

To accomplish this, we are putting together a series of case studies that highlight members, their companies and how they use IPVM.

1. Have you learned things at IPVM that have helped you solve problems and/or move up to positions of greater responsibility?

2. Has your company made changes based on information from IPVM that has translated into higher profits/better support/lower equipment failure rates, etc?

3. Has your IPVM University certification helped you land a better/more lucrative position?

We want to hear your story. But more than that, we want to showcase your success!

Please comment below OR email me directly at with some background information on how IPVM has helped you, and/or your company, be more successful.

Let us tell your story! :)