Do You Want To Be Dahua's PR Person?

Now's your chance.

If you have ever wished to issue 'solemn declarations' for a paranoid company that is terrible at communicating, this is for you!

LOL apparently understanding of the industry is insignificant in this position. This should as fascinating as the new Geovision product release marketing materials, along with their me too offerings, I cant wait. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation of wonderful things to come. I will still sell the dahua goods especially the unmarked cameras ,I promote my company not brand names.

The majority of PR people hired in this industry have no industry experience. Even the ones that do, typically have minimal understanding of technology. The average RSM is a master of technology compared to the average PR person.

In fairness, I suspect actually knowing the real tradeoffs of one's product would make a PR person less happy / optimistic / cheerful, which is mainly what they are trying to achieve.

Surely the PR position requires more of a sense of humor than the Engineer position, no?

Applicant: Did I get the Job?

HR: Although you are clearly experienced technically, and your references pass the sniff test, we will not be making an offer at the current time because we are unable to verify the requisite sense of humor as outlined in the job description.

Applicant: You've got to be kidding me!

HR: No, we don't. But we are not Engineers now, are we? A robust SOH is essential for successful technical work in this company. How long do you think you would last out there, say incorporating the latest face rec enhancements on our 960H Value line of DVRs, lacking the necessary ironic coping skills? Not long.

Applicant: Wait, I didn't think you were serious about that...

HR: Well that's a good start! What else you got?

Applicant: Ok... a SQL query and a firmware walk into a bar; the query SELECTS a beer and quickly JOINS two tables, the bartender says to the firmware 'the same for you?' The firmware replies 'no, I'm the designated driver'.

HR: (Silence) Thanks, we'll be in touch...

Applicant. Wait, I also designed this:

HR: When can you start?

If you have ever wished to issue 'solemn declarations' for a paranoid company that is terrible at communicating, this is for you!

Yes, but they are not for me; I didn't make it pass the first screening test. In case anyone else is considering applying, here are the questions as I can best recollect.

What phrase is best to use when describing the manner in which Dahuan technology is being accepted by the marketplace?

  1. Wide adoption
  2. Rapidly increasing demand
  3. Spreading with great leaps

If you had to choose one word to describe HDCVI what would it be?

  1. Innovative
  2. Revolutionary
  3. Industrial breakthrough

When referring to the aesthetics of an successful install, which phrase would you prefer to use?

  1. Installed with a low-profile design.
  2. Implemented discreetly.
  3. Secured without hideous damage.

What is the best way to refer to the poorer sections of a city?

  1. Economically challenged areas
  2. Poverty ridden regions
  3. Shabby Town

It's tough for sure...

Lol, that's crazy.

In fairness, these recent job listings are much more coherent so they may be improving now with a US based team.

Well, their English is better than my Chinese.

I don't understand why you need to have fun by mobbing of other persons English skills.
I think we should keep this site clean.

If you want to market in a certain language / culture, get that market's language / culture correct.

Because its hilarious. Its not like they cant help this. This bad engrish can easily be avoided if this Chinese bohemoth company simply hired an english speaking person to proofread their literature before submitting. Heck, they could probably get someone with minimum wage to do this. Its amazing that they would spend millions on trade shows as well as setting up a USA branch but cant hire someone at minimum wage to proofread their documentation.

That said, they have hired a US based marketing manager and recent communications have been better.