Do You Use Video Calls To Help Techs In The Field?

Video calls are getting a lot better, with higher resolution cameras built into mobile devices and higher bandwidth networks.

To that end, I am curious, who is using video calls to help their techs in the field. Often, a junior to mid level person will be on site, facing a problem they cannot solve on their own. Describing it verbally can be challenging, whereas a live video session could give a more senior employee the information they need to help solve the problem.

I could see this saving quite a lot of money and hassle.

So who's doing it? Any success? Any issues in doing this?

Sure, from site surveys to the situations you described, especially when describing network equipment that may not be installed in the neatest fashion. Facetime and through our remote support tool. It saves a ton of time and hassle.

the only limitation is on the mobile devices that exist in the hands of the colleagues. at times say many sales or inside support may have iPhone and the guys in the field could have android. in this case face time is not available. As well all the colleagues will require to have the phones to support FaceTime over their cellular data. All in all a great tool as I have even used FaceTime audio over wifi to talk with people globally.

Jon, how about skyping then instead?

"say many sales or inside support may have iPhone and the guys in the field could have android."

Sales people rule... :)

Skype works as well, when I was an integrator I did a lot of commissioning overseas and using iPhone face time with other techs was really helpful. Yes, Sales people do rule!

I have walked techs through setup when the product isn't on a working network and they are explaining something you really need to see to understand. Isn't everyone doing this?