Do You Need To Get CEU Credits Each Year?

Continuing Education Credits / Units are often a requirement of certification program. I am curious how many people need to and get them each year.

john is ipvm considering administering ceu credits for the fundamentals courses?

Not sure, but that was not the motivation for the question. Indeed, even if we did, we could just host periodic webinars for members to cover that.

My motivation for this poll is that a number of people have told me a key motivation to takin courses or training is for their CEU requirements for other programs/certifications, etc. (e.g., ASIS CPP or PSP). I am trying to figure out if it's important for us to validate our training for other program CEUs. (Btw, we spoke with ASIS and the IPVM course can be used for CEUs for their certs).

I need to get 60 credits every three years to maintain my CPP status.

60? I didn't know it was that much. Wow. 20 a year is quite a lot. That's like 20 manufacturer sponsored ASIS webinars ;)

When we talked to ASIS they said they would credit 1 CEU for every class hour in an IPVM course. That would be 12 then.

Each of my State Licenses requires 36 CEUs every three years. Subjects required: OSHA Regulations, Life Safety Codes, Electrical Codes, Fire Codes, Building Codes and Application Specific Technical Training.

I am trying to figure out if it's important for us to validate our training for other program CEUs.

john what would be the reason not to? is there a financial obligation or extra workload that would be put on ipvm? just curioius...

Lots of ways to earn credits including writing articles or books, teaching classes, attending exhibits, serving on ASIS chapters, doing volunteer work, etc. Quickest and easiest thing to do is to sign-up for the annual ASIS Conference, including the seminars. This earns you something like 26 credits, regardless of whether you actually sit in on any of the sessions. Sign-up, pay, and pick-up your badge - that's all that's needed. (Never thought that this was fair...)

I almost always have an excess of credits when renewal time comes around. Too bad you can't roll them over to the next period...

We just don't have anyone to did the administrative work to file applications, etc. All of us focus on tech stuff. That said, we could certainly outsource this but I presume there's a bunch of different programs, paperwork, etc.