Do You Need A Special DVR For AHD Cameras?

Hi, I am looking at AHD as a cost effective system for a customer. I use regular analog DVR cards...are AHD cameras compatible with regular analog DVR cards, or is AHD like HD-TVI/CVI where you have to have a special DVR/DVR card?


AHD cameras will not work with regular analog DVR cards. AHD will work with "hybrid" DVR cards which support AHD.

Depends what you mean by "regular" analog DVR cards. Many AHD cameras will work with 960H DVRs. Of course even if they do they will be limited to that resolution.

Yes, of course. AHD uses a different transmission method, in addition to a higher resolution, than traditional analog cameras. There are some newer products that support a wide variety of devices, but legacy devices made prior to AHD will not support AHD cameras in AHD mode. However, some newer analog HD cameras also support analog SD output too. You could install the AHD cams and use them as SD cameras using this method.