Do You Need A Connected Doorbell?

Fortune declared: 'Why Everyone Needs a Connected Doorbell'

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So what do you think?

No, because no one uses mine anyway!

Do I need it? Probably not. That said, how many things do I own that I could say I really need?

The proper question is, do I want it? And can my customers be made to want it? I think the answer to both those questions is a firm yes.

I don't need a MacBook, but I enjoy it and will probably replace it with another in a few years, unless another catches my eye.

"I don't need a MacBook"

But you need a laptop, so it's only a matter of picking one.

My question is more basic about a category - do you need / value any connected doorbell?

Yeah, but I could get a Chromebook or a cheap piece of junk instead of a well designed, long lasting one that has far more capabilities, ones I didn't even know I wanted until it was available on the market. Which is why I used it as an example. Do I need a connected doorbell? No. Do I want one? Well, I do now.

I want one but I don't need it. :)

Apple used to be very good at creating the 'needs' that people 'want'.

This Fortune quote:

"Better still, American Family Insurance customers can receive a 5% discount on monthly premiums because video doorbells reduce burglaries. "

Seriously!? Who came up with that stat? Apparently video doorbells are magic talismans that repel burglars.

I think video/connected doorbells are a good idea, but the idea isn't new. Video intercoms, even residential ones, have been around for 20 years.

The difference recently has been two simple changes:

1) Remote accessibility via smartphones

2) They are cheaper than in the past, most around the $200 USD mark

With that said, devices like laptops have been 'needs' even when prices were much higher, $2000 or more. Video/Connected doorbells are pretty much fringe devices that many users won't consider buying unless they are fairly inexpensive.

I voted yes, as I already have the Ring doorbell. It's a really effective unit for $200. I haven't scared away any intruders yet, but it's great to know who is coming to the door. This time of year, it's just nice to know when a package is dropped off.

I also have it integrated to my lighting controls, so walking up to the door turns on lights. Ringing the bell turns on more lights.

I also have one installed. I love it. I agree with Ari, change the question. I don't need a microwave....pry that sucker from my cold dead hands.

If it can't let people in remotely (seems like most can't easily), it's just a cruel technological joke. And one your friends might not believe at first: "Ha, Ha, c'mon hit the button and let us in!".

But with video and talkback and access I would consider it.

Btw, 2/3 of Americans feel unconnected to their own doorbell...

I yell at the neighbor's cats using my front flowerbed like a litterbox to cut it out. CATS HATE ME