Do You Mount Your Cameras With The Packing Foam Still Inside?

I came across this conspiracy theorist's video about cameras being installed at a new Wal-mart, and noticed that the packing foam was still apparently in all the domes. My first reaction was that this was a blunder, but might there be some reason for leaving it in?

The best reason I could think of would be that they have two different installers, one for the mounting and one to set the FOV and the packing foam lets them know what ones are yet to be set?

Or is there a better one?

Not a simple mount either.

Here's the whole video:

Best line: "These cameras don't need batteries, or power, they run off the ether..."

The best reason I could think of would be that they have two different installers, one for the mounting and one to set the FOV and the packing foam lets them know what ones are yet to be set?

that would be my guess as well or at least a reminder to come back and focus it...

many of wal marts have the stanley doors with cameras built right in at approx. 60"

Too many best lines to choose from: "...this is not your everyday camera folks, this is to track your face..."

possible that it is a really good bosch marketing video?

Keefe is it possible to tell how that rough stone mount was done exactly just from the image/video? Assuming it's done correctly, it's a nice tight job no?

Though maybe I would have tried to fit it one brick, I'm guessing they had 0 tolerance specs.


I can't tell from that image alone. I know at our local WalMart they have added the same cameras as pictured above on the same brick and siliconed around the base.

Too many best lines to choose from...

"the content-based imaging, and that's exactly what this is..."

"when a women comes along and tries to climb a fence, it says 'climbing fence', that's the technology that's incorporated into this camera"

"the Colorado Springs Walmart, being built right next to the Sam's which was suspicious for them as well, but besides that..."

"this isn't conspiracy theory, it's real deal"

This can also be used as an obvious visual that the camera is not fully installed/recording. Thus, if a life safety/security issue arises, and someone wants to look at the video, there is no expectation of recording. You can avoid the dummy camera issue that they thought they were being watched for their safety....

This is a dummy camera.

Actually, I must confess that I wouldn't have been sure it was packing foam if it wasn't for this ultra-high res picture from b+h:

Do you guys do your own artwork?

Well, we did start as a photography store, back in the 70s. Lots of us are either professional photographers in need of a steady paycheck or else photography fans. We always ask manufacturers for high res images, but we do have an in house studio taking images, with one of the best photographers I know to shoot product and edit the photos.

It is a gorgeous image, but did they leave the packing foam in on purpose when they took the picture?

It looks like a pink PIR. ;)

I don't think the guy knew to take it out. He just took the product out of the box, shot, and put it back. He shoots and edits dozens, sometimes a hundred, products a day. Busy guy.

I would hesitate before taking it out, it looks so perfect.

And so I am changing my theory about the video to "the installer didn't know to take the foam out."

That brings a big issue to light. When cameras are actually are able to be powered off the network of the ether, how do we name that power type? POE Power Over Ether-Net. Crap that name is already taken. Its a marketing nightmare!!!

What PowerOverEther actually looks like.

Once, our advertising department trusted me to write some copy for our print catalog, which, if you've never seen it, is ginormous.

I accidentally wrote that a particular camera featured "Power of Ethernet".

I try to remember that one whenever I'm tempted to make fun of Chinglish marketing material.

The installer should send the packing foam to the dude that made the video so he can line his tinfoil hat.

Nothing to it.

The NSA is just subcontracting out it's work. ????

Just curious, but do the Walmart contractors actually run the CAT cable inside the block wall? I guess it can be done with proper planning. What I am assuming is happening is that the security integrator comes in and mounts the cameras in the precise location for optimum POV, then an electrician comes in after and runs the conduit and CAT cable. They leave the foam inside to protect the lens, since the electrician will be poking around inside.

You may be right. Consider this competing conspiracy video of a open Walmart store:


Years back I installed FACP as several WalMart Supercenters, all of our devices that were in block had been roughed in by the EC. We didn't do any surveillance but did see that their devices were roughed in as well.