Does IPVM Have A VMS Comparison Tool?

Much like your camera finder which shows differences and tests you've conducted, do you have a similar tool for comparing VMS's side by side?

1, good idea and question.

We don't. We have thought about it and may do it at some point in the future but not anytime soon.

Mainly, I am concerned about the complexity of doing right / useful since a lot of what differentiates VMSes is in how they implement and how usable each feature is. For example, most VMSes could easily check a checkbox for PoS integration but how they do it and how broadly they support 3rd parties could vary dramatically. Same concerns for transcoding, multistreaming, digital zoom, thumbnails, etc., etc.

That said, we're happy to give specific feedback on any features or comparisons you want to make.

Just had something major dropped in my lap and this would be really useful right now...

IPVM does have allot of the info in its research that I found, just not a side by side. But with some time you can pretty much find what your looking for.