Do You Expect To Deploy 4K In The Coming Year?

4K cameras?

4K monitors?

or Both?

We have been deploying many 4K cameras already and will be installing alot more.

More on the camera side?

We have some proposals out with 4k cameras as part of the bid. We will be using them for parking lot coverage. 3MP/4MP still seems like the sweet spot for 99% of our installs.

Cameras for us. Waiting on demo models to arrive so we can test. I know of several projects where they will most likely be valuable in parking areas.

I have 3 Panasonic WV-SFV481's out in the field right now they are nice for niche installs but to costly to be a standard go to cam right now. I think when 4K cameras come down to 3MP/4MP levels you will see more of them flood out.

note I only consider 4K cameras, "4K cameras" at 15fps and higher. not this 1FPS nonsense

Do you run your 4K cameras at 15FPS or higher? If so why?

yes why would I pay camera that advertises 15FPS ,30FPS, 60FPS, ETC if i wasnt going to record at that level. the 60fps cams are kinda special use but there no point in spending the money on them if you are going to dial them down to 1-5fps for recording.

its like when I get called out to look at a customer/3rd party's footage/recordings and they use Email 1FPS notifcation because they are to cheap to pay anymore for anything else. They always give me the "I can see a person but nothing worth getting a positive ID to give the police can you do anything" line. and its the same with 5-10FPS MJPEG or H264 settings on NVRs "If I just had more FPS we could get a positive ID"

yes it eats up more storage, yes there more bandwidth, but in this day and age there are many ways around those issues that are cost effective, so there isnt an excuse in my opinion if you are serious about securing what ever is of value to you resonably.

Also I try to run all the roughly 2000 cameras/encoder channels I support at 30FPS if I can and I dont have any issues ID'ing due to missing frame rates light on the othe hand........