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Do Security Integrators Need JSON Sensor Data Visualization And Mapping?

Hi Everyone - I am looking for feedback for a cloud-based system we have developed to visualize, map and monitor the status of multiple off-grid sensor locations and the 100k+ JSON datapoints per day that they generate. This data enables us to do things like re-create alarm events, analyze meta data from the site, create additional alarm rule, etc. We can also merge still images with the JSON data to match alarms to photos. Would really appreciate hearing your feedback! This has been very much an internal project that seems like it may assist other integrators. Thanks!

Please clarify.

Are you monitoring those off-grid sensor locations? What is included as an 'off-grid sensor lcation'?

Hi John - We are working in a harsh environment with sensors powered via a generator/battery system so the system health is an important data point for us. In addition, the sensors provide JSON data which we gather in conjunction with a surveillance system. We monitor the system through cellular data.

Ok but how does that relate to anyone else? I am trying to understand what you would be offering to 3rd parties?

We offer the ability to use the cloud to monitor via google maps almost any set of sensors (small or large) as a replacement for proprietary hardware/software solutions.

What type of sensors specifically?