Do Schools Get An Insurance Discount For Implementing Security Technology?

We see this practice in our homes and often businesses, but the question was asked of me recently and I honestly didn't know the answer. Does anyone know for sure if K-12 schools actually get discounts for putting technology in their buildings, or is it more that claims will be denied if they don't have it?

Anyone? Specifically, has anyone had experience with United Educators Insurance? I'd appreciate any feedback you can provide.

1, We do not know. We did send a notification email to 1,000+ people for this discussion so it may not be very common or else someone would have probably answered by know.

I appreciate the help, John. I'll keep digging here. Great seeing you last week, by the way. Be well!

My wife is a commercial insurance agent and I just happened to have looked into this topic with her. Typically an insured (the customer, any customer) can get a discount for a burglar/intrusion system that is monitored off site and a smaller discount for a non monitored burglar/intrusion system. Intrusion systems are typically a check box on a form with little information required.

When it comes to access control, video surveillance and other security systems this is subjective and will vary by carrier (insurance company, there are hundreds), the particular underwriter at the carrier who happens to be working on it, the region of the country and how good their insurance agent is and understands what they are talking about. This is all because these systems are not a check box on a form like intrusion. If a client would get a full threat and vulnerability assessment, implement the suggestions, have staff monitor the system and can prove it all they could get some additional discounts and get a real ROI. If a integrator was smart they would partner with an insurance agency (maybe the agency who insures their own company?) who understands technology and security to some extent and provide this as a value add to help the client get quotes from carriers for the property and casualty. The integrator would help educate the insurance agent so the agent could in turn "sell it" to the carrier for a larger discount.

I hope this helps and keep in mind I am not an insurance agent and by no means an expert, just a consultant married to an expert:)