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Does Interlogix IP Cameras Have Anything To Offer?

I know that John seems to have written Interlogix off as only releasing cake, but how do their IP cameras compare to other products? Are they just oem's of other brands that are already reviewed on IPVM? Or do they not carry anything competitive in the IP realm? Just trying to do some research on available options, and I can't seem to find any technical detail on Interlogix cameras.

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Ryan, my understanding is that (many/most) Interlogix IP cameras are OEMed from Hikvision. To that end, they are likely solid, though overpriced for what they deliver.

The challenge with Interlogix is that they are stuck in the middle. They don't have the advanced capabilities of Axis (nor Sony nor Bosch) nor can they match the low cost of Hikivison or Dahu or Vivotek, etc.

If you like Interlogix or are standardized on them, it should be OK, though you are probably paying a premium for their brand.

At least for me, this is why you so rarely hear about Interlogix. It does not attract people who are looking for top tier technology nor those who want best 'value'.

John, any new thoughts on interlogix? I met w a school system today to review options. They said an integrator quoted them $45k for a 52 camera job (not including cable) for cameras, a 120 channel recorder (probably their NVR70) and 2mpx cameras.

I am consulting with them on something else and tried to offer a free look for options. He said price was king but go ahead.

I read about their layoffs...which happens...but will they be able to stick it out? Any idea on their VMS, support, etc?

I have no real dog in the fight but don't want to see them make a mistake.


"any new thoughts on interlogix?"

They have not released cakes recently... :) (see above)

Compared to 2013 when this discussion first started, I think Interlogix's position is worse. Interlogix has not done much, the layoffs will make things worse and Hikvision has massively expanded.

In terms of low cost alternatives, going to Hikvision direct is one option (might be better) or considering FLIR (which OEMs Dahua now) and is similarly low cost / functionality but also under an American brand.

thanks John! I can always count on you for unbiased and fair input. Not sure how I am going to walk the fine line with this client but might try to at least get them to look for other options.

Thanks again...