Do Any TVI Or CVI Capture Cards Exist?

Related, what's the most Analog HD inputs on one DVR around? 16?

Not sure on the cards. LTS offers 24/32CH TVI recorders - (Hikvision OEM)

Exar are about to release a four channel HDCVI PCIe receiver and encoder card. It is the VRC7004HDCVI.

Thanks John! It was announced at the beginning of the year that Exar was developing CVI product, this sounds like the first fruits.

Also interesting to note is that there are now two HDcctv Steering Committee Member [sic]:

Although I wouldn't attach too much significance to Exar's top billing, because unlike seniority ranked Manufacturing Members, Steering Committee Members are ranked alphabetically.*

*E comes before Z

The part number of the board has changed to XR5R921 which is the Exar part No. style. The old Stretch Inc. part numbers are being dropped for new boards. You will be able to see it if you are at IFSEC in London next week.


Are these boards primarily or only for recorder manufacturers? In other words, do you sell or allow integrators / end users to buy them individually for addition to their own COTS VMS servers?

Integrators will be able to buy the cards from Exar, but the drivers will need to be supplied by the VMS vendor, as is the case for the current range of Exar/Stretch cards.

Do you know of any VMS vendors that have or have committed to writing/supplying such drivers?

Moreover, are they interested in writing them? esp. in the case of Milestone where they are only charging one license per IP.

On the other hand if the VMSes were to get behind this and faciltate the creation of high-density hybrids, they might be able to take this low-cost camera technology to new class of customers that require a best of breed VMS.

I cannot give you the names of the VMS venders we are working with but I expect that those vendors who support our current range of Analog SD and/or HD-SDI boards will at some point include HD-CVI support in their hardware/software.

We are now in Feb. 2016, and i am still searching a TVI (or AHD) capture boards. I do not see anything on the Exar website and the Stretch website is not clear about which card supports what.

Any progress/information on that ?


I don't even see any TVI encoders in any other form than DVR.

You can get an update on the status if you send an email to

I found out today that there has been a problem recently with emails sent to bouncing. It has now been fixed and so if anyone has any questions about HDCVI add-in cards, please send an email to and I will respond.

The Exar website has recently updated and so you will find information about add-in cards at

Hopefully not to sound ungrateful, but given the events of the past week, are the triple standard HDCVI 3.0 cards in the works as well?

You might very well think that; I couldn't possibly comment.