Does Any VMS Generate A List Of Current Cameras ( Make / Model Number) ?

Do any of the vmses and NVRs generate a report of the list of current cameras ( make / model number) only ?

Connected to the VMS? Genetec Security Center has a Hardware Inventory task that gives you that info plus IP, MAC address, etc. You could just turn off all of the columns other than make and model.

FLIR response

Our Cloud Services health monitoring shows all connected cameras with: Manufacturer, Model, Firmware version, Driver and other info on the Latitude, Horizon and Meridian products.

It is accessible securely online at any time from any location with internet connection.

In addition we have system monitoring tool that offers the same info for systems not connected to the internet.


For exacqVision Enterprise, you can go to the Enterprise Cameras page, select rows and columns in the camera table with the mouse, and right-click the selection to copy to the clipboard as a comma-delimited text file that you can paste into notepad or Excel.

Milestone Corporate and Expert can generate a PDF with what you ask for. It can also generate a screenshot of each camera.

Eagle Eye Networks can give you a list of the cameras that are connected as well as some of the basic settings (IP address, resolution, days of retention, and a couple of other things.)

(I work for Eagle Eye)