Do 180-Degree Cameras Typically Require More Than One VMS Channel?

I have one channel left on an NVR, and a 180-degree camera would be most effective for the coverage required. Do most multi-sensor cameras output as multiple streams, or do they usually stitch the image internally and send as a single stream?

It varies by manufacturer:


  1. Axis
  2. Pelco
  3. ICRealtime
  4. Scallop
  5. Digital Watchdog


  1. Arecont
  2. Avigilon
  3. Mobotix
  4. Stardot

Unverified. :)

Thanks, that's what I was looking for. I heard from the NVR manufacturer this morning, he says the Arecont ones are supported and work on a single channel.

Disclosure: I am a Digital Watchdog rep. Our PANO cameras are only one license. I have confirmed that on Milestone, DW Spectrum, and a slew of "plug-and-play" NVRs (DW's VMAX IP, Vitek's OnCue, and FLIR".

Disclosure: I am a DW Representative

Off course Panzilla will be stitched/one license in DW Spectrum and multi-streamed to other VMS


Chris, How are the Arecont's "stitchless"? They are multi-sensor, unless referring to their fisheye/panamorphs...please expand.

Just meaning that they provide nothing that 'stictches' together all the imagers into one stream which can then be viewed on one channel like Matt was asking.

I haven't checked in a while to make sure they don't have one now though, has that changed?

The NVR manufacturer told me that all Arecont models are supported on a single input...

Yes they do!

Not only do they stitch them into one stream for you, they fully support the latest Arecont Spurious Sensor Inversion 9:

Why Arecont doesn't provide a stitched view, I'm not sure. CPU?