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Experience With DMP For Enterprise Access Control?

Good Day,

Has anyone ever had experience (good or bad) with DMP as an enterprise level access control platform?  I know there is the 550 panel.  The proposed solution here is a single server/single database configuration.  The application is R&D and manufacturing.  I had experience with DMP previously and there were some limitations on access levels in the software which made it challenging for a larger application such as this.  Thanks for any feedback.  



During our DMP Intrusion Tested (XR Series) report, we found that the hardware design is reliable (Keypads are door controllers), but the interface left much to be desired:

However, compared to most dedicated access platforms, DMP's onboard management tools are basic and difficult to navigate. Adding users is often a multi-step process requiring several different elements to be managed including codes, profiles, individual doors, and schedules. Activity is not displayed in a graphic/map form, and real-time events must be polled before they can be seen.

In addition, credential support is Weigand, not OSDP, and 3rd party video integration must take place outside the DMP application.

I’m assuming you are using Entre to manage? Entre is fine but not as robust as say Pro-watch/Lenel but then again probably nothing is. As long as you don’t need biometrics or osdp you shouldn’t have a problem with Entre. If you need the above go with a cost effective Mercury based access control solution like RS2. If you need the kitchen sink go Lenel/Pro-Watch