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What Are Max Resolution And Frame Rate A DMP Camera Can Be Set To?

Just curious about DMP camera settings.  What are the maximum resolution, frame rate can be set to? 

Depending on the camera, it may be up to 1080P resolution, but there are numerous 1.3 MP models.  The frame rate can be up to 30 FPS, but is automatically variable based on available bandwidth.   Motion or user triggered clips are recorded/triggered in 20 second clips.

In general, resolution and overall camera performance is inferior to ones compatible with modern, separate DVR/NVR based systems, as DMP's offering is limited to models compatible with their proprietary cloud SecureCom service.

Thanks for the link.   It mentioned: 

  • Low Resolution Video: One of the biggest weaknesses of DMP's Securecom video is 720P max resolution, fixed focal cameras and basic categorized video clip storage. Compared to entry-level video surveillance kits with better video management features, better clip identification, and higher resolution models, DMP's Securecom video is weak.



DMP has expanded offering since our report.  Thanks for bringing that up, I will update it.

I think it's 1080p and 20fps, it's automatic and I do not believe any adjustments can be made. These cameras are really not ment for a full fledge security system. More for watching your packages, keeping an eye on grandma and simple video verification of alarm events.