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DMP And Hikvision Cameras?

Saw cameras listed here with familiar looks (Hikvision OEM).  Can anyone confirm if generic Hik cameras can work wtih DMP panels? 

The DMP cameras are hikvision, but I have not tried them on the panel.  I don't know why they wouldn't work. I normally just sell hte DMP ones so that customers cannot amazon price compare as easily.

They will not. The DMP cameras are Hikvision but are running a DMP firmware. The cameras phone home to DMP's server and you add the camera by MAC address through their website. There is no way to log into the camera, it is locked out.

Interesting.  We are planning a test of DMP and we will examine the cameras as part of that test too.

Has this test been schedule? What about the new Secura line from DMP?

We are planning a test of XTLPlus with video, and I'm coordinating it for test in the next week or so, with results published in early December.

What specifically about Secura is interesting to you?  Our understanding is that it mostly is a marketing differentiation, but if there is more to examine we will certainly do that.

Hi Brian, is this test complete yet? We are looking into DMP so we are very interested in your findings. Thanks.

Hello Serge, I am working on it this week.  It will be published next week.  Thanks,

It looks different than the XTL Plus. It is supposed to be pre-programmed and have a program to support sales and tech install separate from other DMP lines.