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DMP Alarm Panels - Any Recommendations?

Has anyone had any favorable or unfavorable experiences as a dealer for DMP, we are considering using their product lines.

We've been a dealer for a while now, we have had great experiences with them. I spent a lot of time searching for a new manufacture and DMP came out on top. Their commercial panels as well as their residential models are far superior to anything out there in my opinion. Plus the cost of cell cards and monthly data is extremely competitive.

John, is it the hybrid nature of their Intrusion/Access panel, or the ENTRE software, or something else that won you over?

I am mostly impressed with their ability to create user friendly products that work. Both on the dealer side and the end user side. Remote link (their remote programing software) is extremely easy to use and navigate, unlike many of their competitors it doesn’t require much training to operate. I have seen people come in with no experience programing intrusion alarms and do it using remote link. Their competitors programs can take months to figure out (for someone who has limited alarm experience). System Link (end user software for managing user codes and access control credentials) is also simple. With the introduction of myvirutalkeypad . com its become even easier to look up history and manage multiple systems remotely for the end user. Bottom line, I love their innovation. They’re not stuck in the dark ages like many alarm manufactures. It seems that every few months they come out with something new that makes the whole experience for the dealer and end user more efficient and enjoyable.

I could keep going on about DMP but I will stop for now.

Like the previous poster, I could go on and on. Been a dealer for 25 years. Very good panels, very good software, superior support. There are some good manufacturers out there, but you will not regret choosing DMP.

Thanks a million for all the feedback! It helps us a lot as we have been in the business since 1994 and we are very cautious when making changes in product lines.