Displaying Info On A Monitor Based Off Badge Swipes (W/O Tying Into The Access Control System)

Here's the scenario- customer wants to be able to have employees swipe their badge and have their picture/title display to a large display monitor. The key is they do not want us to tie into the current access system, they want something that is just independent.

I was thinking about a visitor management system, but they want their employees to be displayed, so I'm left scratching my head. Anyone done anything like this?

If you are not using an access control system, how can you determine what employee the badge swipe is associated with? Am I missing something?

That's the odd part of all of this. Customer wants us to have an entirely separate database for this (instead of just using the one that is there).

There are products that allow you to connect a single card reader to more than one system. One manufacturer of such products is Cypress. You could then tie this output to a computer that was running a simple database that contained employee name and photo and could be overlayed on the monitor screen. This would require a little custom work by someone who is knowledgeable of computers, databases, and use of I/O ports

Not something that I would do, but it is possible.