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Discontinued OEM Support Siemens

Our major client has an extensive Siemens CCTV network (SiNVR) and a Siemens Access Control System (SiPass), for which we provide hardware support. We've been advised that SiNVR support has ceased following the launch of a new Siemens product. (of which we have no information). Previously, our client sourced their cameras exclusively from Siemens. Our client has expressed an interest in our company supplying cameras in the future. In determining which cameras are fully compatable with the SiNVR VMS, we are reliant on an Annex in the SiNVR documentation, which lists the cameras "approved" for use with the Siemens system. Our dilemma is: Many of the cameras listed as approved are no longer available and, 2. The cameras listed are all "top of the line" and probably not the best value for money for our client. [Client often billed at $3-4K(Aus)/camera]. Any thoughts on the way forward for us, in taking on the hardware supply role?

Is the system too big to feasibly replace it with something new, modern and open?

Is the access and video system integrated? Does SiPass integrate with any 3rd party VMS / NVRs?

Btw, Siemens has a product called SiVeillance that is ONVIF 1.x conformant.

THe system is (by my standards) large. It covers multiple elevators, multiple entry points (4 turnstiles, a number of boom gates, carparks, roadways and numerous off-site (remote) equipment buildings and processing facilities - both internally and externally.

I believe the SiPass access and SiNVR cctv are not integrated. The VMS is Siemens. The network is spread accross a vast OF network (with media converters in some instances and dedicated 3rd party Switches and Server)

If the access and video is not integrated, perhaps you can just get a new VMS? Lots of Siemens cameras are listed as ONVIF conformant, though perhaps the ones deployed there are older and cannot.

If the client chooses to remain within Siemen's vice-like grip, what would you consider the critical VMS specs we should investigate and conform to, if we move to supplying Cameras other than those in the limited "approved" camera list in the Siemen's SiNVR Annex? I have been told that list will not be updated as the SiNVR product is no longer supported.

Col, I do not understand you. When you say "critical VMS specs we should investigate and conform to", are you referring to the existing Siemens NVR or?

Yes John,

I was referring to the Client keeping the Siemens SiNVR - but asking us to supply all new cameras

I am not sure what you can do accept to ask Siemens what their SiNVR supports and conforms to that.

Otherwise, make a case that a new VMS will save them money on cameras and be a better long term investment.

Btw, Schille seems to be the original developer of the SiNVR. Perhaps contact them and ask for options / upgrades?