Digital Watchdog Spectrum VMS. Any Good?

I have heard very little mention of this VMS on this site. It has been around for awhile now and I was wondering if anybody had experience with it? Besides the VMS how about the Blackjack hardware as well?

Thank you

Spectrum is Network Optix or more specifically Network Optix as distributed in North America. We've included Network Optix in a number of our VMS 'Shooutout' series (e.g., VMS Live Video Shootout).

It's an attractive VMS for the mid-market, as an Exacq type alternative.

John, you say an alternative to Exacq? Why not just go with Exacq then if you aren't looking for "alternatives". The cameras are never reviewed in the site also? Any feedback on them?

Go with Exacq then if you are not looking for 'alternatives'. My point was to give some context to my description, i.e., it's better than a simple prosumer type VMS but it's not as full-featured as an enterprise system like Genetec.

The cameras appear to be average, based on specs and price, so that's why we have not tested them. We are going to test their new HD Analog cameras as those are competitively uncommon. Also, the upcoming 48MP looks promising.