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Experiences With Digital Watchdog?

I just got a CCTV RFQ that specifies Digital Watchdog IR cameras and DVRs with an NVR option.Digital Watchdog | Welcome

I've never installed their products and wanted to reach out to see what your experiences have been.



Digital Watchdog is quite well respected in the analog / budget segment of the market. I know a few guys who swear by them - reliable, low cost, good support, etc. Beyond that I do not much about their traditional offerings.

In the last few years they came out with their own IP line and they are OEMing Network Optix HD Witness, which is an up and coming VMS.

Hi EJ,

This is Wade Thomas with Digital Watchdog... Please give us a ring to see how we can assist with your RFQ. Adam Collier is our inside Sales Manager and he can be reached at 866-446-3593 X 284. Cheers, Wade

I've used a DW DVR for some testing, and one of my dealers swears by them for their analog jobs, so I'd say they are pretty well regarded.

FWIW, while I didn't really "beat on" the DVR, from what I saw it was a nice solid unit.

In general I agree with an overall positive assessment of the DVR's, but some caveats and commentary: You can't change the IP address remotely, it has to be done on at the DVR. So if the customer changes their network, someone physically has to be there to change it. Very annoying and has cost us already.

The iPhone app, last we knew, only works over a LAN/WLAN connection. It does not work over your cellular connection.

The original software interface is not very intuitive to set up and reviewing and exporting video is a major pain if you don't do it often enough that it becomes well practised. They're new HD Witness / DW Spectrum software is supposed to be compatible with the current and older DVR's, i'd highly recommend paying the license fee to use that software with the DVR's and not the older, original software like ACS and whatever the name of their other software was.


Wade from Digital Watchdog here... the ip address can be changed remotely through the web viewer and/or Pivot CMS program which can be downloaded from our website.

The mobile apps are most certainly designed to operate via cellular you are not limited to LAN / WAN... please check them out at the apple store and/or the droid market. They are free and i have test sites on our website for you to use.

Not sure why you have found our SW interface to be overly difficult as most integrators actually compliment us on the ease of use for both the installer but more importantly the end user. The HD Witness / DW Equivalent is the DW Spectrum IPVMS is also free to download and test drive from our website. Please give it a test drive and yes the new 1.5 release does integrate the VMAX series of DVR's with the IPVMS. The DVR is now an encoder with reduced license cost to the integrator.

Thank you for your feedback,


We've installed probably upwards of 75+ of the Digital Watchdog analog DVR's in the last 18 months or so and we have good success with them. We have been using the Flex line for residential and light commercial when using analog cameras. I did have one of the new Blackjack NVR's and one of their cameras in for testing and the found the interface to be pretty slick in comparison to other VMS software we have used.

If you can change the IP address through the web or software interface for the VMAX, that is relatively new and a welcome change.

We were told by Digital Watchdog support the reason neither we nor our customer could access their DVR from an iPhone was because the app would only work on a WLAN connection. It did not affect Android and we supposed it was maybe a limit Apple put on the app. If this no longer so, then again it is a change from the way it worked before (since early last year), and a welcome one.

My opinions on the ACS and Pivot interface are our own based on experience with over a dozen different products, and from some of our customers in comparison to the previous brand we used before. If you have had a better feedback from your clientle, that's good for you and I'm not going to dispute that. Again, it's our own opinion and that of some of our customers.

But don't forget, I still said overall it seems to be a good product and the new HD Witness / DW Spectrum interface is a much needed improvement over Pivot and ACS.

Speaking factually, the Digital Watchdog 'DW VMAX' app is incapable of accessing a Digital Watchdog VMax DVR remotely via Apple iOS, a serious vulnerability, and one of many often exploited.

Matt, when you say exploited, do you mean this is a security vulnerability? If the app is incapable of accessing the DVR, it would seem like a functional limitation? Can you clarify?

No, a vulnerability I often exploit as a competitor, as in, an essential functional limitation of DVRs and software made by Pravis.

They have software for accessing the DW machines from an Apple computer. They also have the apps when using IPad or IPhone so I'm not sure what you mean since all devices are supported.

The Apple iOS apps for the VMax DVR do not allow the remote access of a DVR without being on the same LAN as the DVR itself.

Sorry but that is totally untrue as I can stream video from over 40 locations on my IPhone on 3G with no issues.

You know what, if that's true and this matter has been resolved, although all indications are it is not, then far be it from me to stoop to the level of, say, my local Dog rep who is infamous for recklessly spouting malarkey about his competitors and subsequently marring any remaining credibility he may have had- I will gladly apologize and rescind my comments should facts prove otherwise.

UPnP 'fix' in 3.5.1 has disabled this essential feature.

We have always managed ios, android 3G / 4G remote smart phone access quite well... We were one of the first in the game to introduce four years ago. We achieve Mac OS integration free through our ACS SW provided with the product and on our website - LAN or WAN.

Matt, would it be safe to say that you are an employee of Nuvico and one of digital watchdogs competitors...? Competitive assessment of market questions is the benefit of this forum and I open my contact information for you use to provide whatever supporting information you may feel one of field folks is spouting as malarkey. With respect intended- Matt and Mr. Undisclosed. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss these issues personally and request that you post the results of our communication. We have built our company on best of breed solutions, best channel partner resellers, best of warranties in the business, economical advantages, coast to coast supply and down right hard work! Please ring me cell number below. Thank you, Wade Thomas President Digital watchdog inc. 9493701456

The IP camera range are high quality units made by Probe Korea. The styling and build on the domes are excellent and they have great motorised lens models with excellent IR which don't have internal reflection problems.

They are certainly worthy of a review by IPVM.

Can anyone update this thread with their current opinion of DW?  I have run into two of their older systems in the past few months.  I'm wondering how their newer IP systems are. Thanks.



Let me know if you would like to schedule a call to take you thru our lineup.  Or we will be in booth #25089 if you would like to schedule a tour. 



Do a search and they seem to have a very good reputation and a good alternative to Hik/Dahua.



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Besides Hik/Dah

Who are their strongest competitors?