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Differences In Image Stabilization Domes

So I've got a project running now where I need to place a few dome camera on 4 of these babies. (No clue what they're called in English)

I'm a tad worried I might have troubles with shaky images and even though our regular choice of dome (Samsung) has digital image stabilization, I fear it might not be enough.
Now I know allot of brands have image stabilization, but I was wondering are their much differences between them all.

So here I am, asking if any of you has the experiance with this? Are there certains brands better at this, than others ?

Here is the newest Axis image stabilization:

Here is the newest Samsung image stabilization:

Neither makes a huge difference. The Axis has the 'better spec' with the accelerometer but works no better than the Samsung.

The other category is add-on image stabilizer devices. We've never tested them. They are generally quite expensive (thousand plus per camera).

Btw, related: Camera Vibration / Stabilizer Solutions

Thank you John! I was wondering if Axis would have a better stabalizing function then our regular Samsung. Good to know up front that it doesn't.

I did read that topic and I'm guessing we'll just have to place them and see how it goes. If we do get problems we can always add rubber feet under it.